12 July 2016

Matthews grabs Stage 10!

I enjoyed a great first day of research talks here in Delft, the Netherlands.  The conference is off to a good start!  But being tied up all day in a conference means I couldn't see any of the Tour de France.  I'm back in my hotel room for a few minutes before heading out to dinner.  Below is Michael Matthews' winning time and a comparison with our prediction.
  • Stage 10:   4h 22' 38" (actual), 4h 32' 45" (prediction), 10' 07" slow (3.85% error)
I wish I could comment more on the stage, but I'll take being under 4% today.  Matthews' average speed is given below.
  • Stage  10:  12.50 m/s (45.01 kph or 27.97 mph)
Not bad, considering that first big climb.  Our prediction for tomorrow's flat stage is given below.
  • Stage 11:  3h 45' 22" (prediction)
We could be a bit slow tomorrow if the sprinters go crazy.  But they better not get too tired.  What awaits them on Stage 12 will make them pay for going all out tomorrow!

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